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The DNAiTECH second generation protable isothermal amplification instrument.

What is the DNAiTECH?

DNAiTECH combines android smart-phone technology with a simple Bluetooth connected handheld  instrument that uses isothermal DNA amplification chemistry. Popular isothermal methods include loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), rolling circle amplification (RPA), recombinase polymerase amplification (RCA), helicase dependent amplification (HDA).  

Avoiding expensive on-board optical systems and thermocycling DNA amplification, DNAiTECH makes DNA technologies affordable for resource limited settings, in-field deployment, and point of care diagnostics. The instrument is robust and lightweight making transport easy. The smartphone captures many images during the DNA amplification process and the smart-phone app processes fluorescent dye incorporation into the amplified DNA product in real-time. For more technical information on how the DNAiTECH works to measure DNA concentration go to our in-field testing page.

DNAiTECH is a versatile in-field instrument. It is lightweight, portable, and can be battery-powered, making it perfect for that immediate rapid result in the field or at the point of care.  Real-time quantitative DNA amplification is yours for a fraction of cost of current DNA reading technologies.

Please visit the product page for more information and to get in contact.

Hand-held, portable

Lightweight, 0.6kg

Compact, 210 x 103 x 100mm

Low power consumption

Interal battery or power supply

Easy to use interface

Isothermal DNA/RNA amplification

Precise temperature control

Smartphone Bluetooth connectivity

User-defined parameters set within the app

Real-time reaction monitoring

App-based data processing

Processed data export

Raw CSV data export

Nine PCR tube reaction positions

Blue LED excitation

Green fluorescence detection

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