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Dnaitech Ltd. S-technology


DNAiTECH offers a range of products to exceed your testing potential both on the bench and in the field. See below to learn what we can do for you!


Ahram™ RX1 Centrifuge

DNAiTECH now is the supplier for the Ahram™ RX1 centrifuge. The RX1 is a unique product, it is a lightweight, battery-powered, compact portable high-speed centrifuge capable of up to 4,680g.


DNAiTECH Instrument

The DNAiTECH Gen-2 instrument package comes with android Smartphone and DNAiTECH App, Smartphone stand, on-board Li-ion battery, mains AC/DC power adaptor, vehicle 12 volt adapter, and reaction tube loading device.



The DNAiTECH S-TECH system is our brand new separation technology developed for sample preparation and point-of-care applications (POC).

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