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Community engagement: educational workshops

DNAiTECH is a diagnostics company and our core business is the development of innovative diagnostic tests for POC applications. However we take seriously our responsibility to engage with the community and to run programs that help people understand the power of science. 

Effective science communication is essential today, particularly post-covid when there has been a rise in science suspicion. Science is powerful in improving the quality of life for humanity, but for many laypeople, understanding science can be challenging. Often the barriers are about the language of science. If we remove the scientific jargon and use powerful images and video resources to open learners’ eyes to the wonder of science, we provide hands-on science and cool technology experiences, which include the opportunity to test local environmental issues; this combination becomes a powerful hook for engagement with science and technology. 

DNAiTECH Education . Community engagement

We run funded workshops at secondary schools, engaging students at NCEA levels 1-3. Workshops have multiple elements. They are captivating and fun, have engaging presentations, and include hands-on use of the DNAiTECH smartphone-interfaced DNA amplifying technology. The students can obtain numerous NCEA credits and ask important environmental questions about their local waterways.


We tailor our workshops to the need and specifics of each school. Our longest extended workshop was for ten days and was funded by Unlocking Curious Minds (below). Workshops can be an offsite overnight experience at a venue (Tamaki College below). The shortest practical workshop is one full day. Running student workshops has always proven to be a rich experience for the students and ourselves.


If your school would like to run such a workshop we will aim fit it into our busy R&D schedule.  Such a workshop needs to be funded, we can design a program and provide your school the necessary information for your funding applications.


We have also run regional workshops around New Zealand for teachers. These provide a refresher course in molecular techniques, give the teacher professional learning development and an opportunity to explore suitable molecular experiments that can be implemented in their classroom. We have the capacity to run up to two teachers workshops annually. Please contact us if you would like such a workshop in your region. 



Curious Minds Project at Haeata Community College
Tamaki College
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