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DNAiTECH Ltd. Partners


Ninety Mile Beach, North Island
We acknowledge the enthusiastic support, intellectual contribution, and skills of these key people and businesses:

Dr Susie Wood from the Cawthron Institute is an expert adviser on the Curious Minds Grant. Susie is a senior scientist with expertise in freshwater and molecular ecology. She is passionate about protecting and improving aquatic ecosystem integrity and using molecular techniques to monitor and understand these environments. She co-leads a large MBIE-funded project ( assessing NZ's lakes' current and historical health. She is actively involved in outreach activities to community groups and schools.


Dr Aashish Priye: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati.  Dr Priye has extensive experience in engineering integrated devices for bioanalytical detection such as a convective PCR system (enabling pseudo-isothermal PCR), a lab-on-a-drone system, and smartphone-enabled nucleic acid amplification system. Image analysis algorithm which greatly improves the sensitivity of regular CMOS sensors (like smartphones) in detecting and quantifying fluorescence signals. He has been involved in the development of molecular diagnostic platforms to detect mosquito-borne viral pathogens.

Drazen Jaksic

Drazen Jaksic owns Unum Limited, a boutique product and production technology R&D consultancy. Drazen is an expert in bringing early concepts to complete production and was the crucial partner in developing DNAiTECH's S-TECH. This technology seamlessly transitioned from prototype to commercial product through his design brilliance and project management. Drazen is a highly skilled engineer who pays excellent attention to detail, prioritising product performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. Our S-TECH development was in good hands from beginning to end. 


Classic Aero Machining Ltd
Kamahi Electronics

Tony Wytenburg from Classic Aero Machining Limited provided the CAD design, prototyping, and final manufacture of the heating/optical LAMP reaction blocks for DNAiTECH. This project was a significant departure from their everyday precision machining projects, building engines and other parts for experimental and WW1 and WW2 aeroplanes. 


Kamahi is a Dunedin-based company with expertise in precision electronics for innovative products. Edwin Nieman and his team developed the production PCB for DNAiTECH and the smartphone App for Android.


We are very appreciative of the support and funding from the following organisations:
Institute for Plant and Food Research
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