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DNAiTECH Generation 2

About the second generation DNAiTECH

The DNAiTECH Gen-2 device is a lightweight, smartphone integrated portable instrument designed for performing isothermal amplification anywhere; in the lab, in the field, at remote primary care locations for point-of-care analysis and as an educational tool. 

While the first generation was designed around Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) at 65 °C, the second generation has been optimised and improved to enable a temperature range of 37 to 70 °C, covering all isothermal amplification methods to be carried out within the instrument. Nine individually illuminated 0.2 mL PCR tube wells allow a range of conditions or samples between 1 and 150 μL to be tested in a single run, with fluorescent dyes that have an excitation wavelength in the blue spectrum (470 nm) and emission in the green spectra to be detected in real time using the integrated smartphone app. The device is controlled on an android smartphone via Bluetooth with data displayed in real time and the ability to export, and assess data in a dedicated app.

Designed for both bench and in the field use, the DNAiTECH boasts a small footprint (only weighing in at 600 grams), low power requirements, and a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery enabling multiple runs to be carried out on a single charge. The device can also be used or recharged with mains power using the supplied 15-volt or charger in the field with the 12-volt vehicle adapter.


DNAiTECH performs highly sensitive and rapid real-time quantitative nucleic acid analysis and is the most cost-effective isothermal instrument on the market.

Cat. No:

Second generation DNAiTECH instrument complete with mains AC/DC power supply,12-volt car adapter, android smartphone with DNAiTECH app, and reaction tube loading device.
Technical specifications:
Detection Method
470 nm excitation, detection of >500 nm using green filter
Temperature control range
37-70°C ±0.1°C
Sample number
9 individual PCR tubes
Sample volume
1.5-100 µl
600 g
Environmental temperature
Battery type
Battery capacity
28.86 Wh
External power supply
15 VDC or vehicle 12 V adapter
Dimensions (assembled)
103.5 mm (H), 100.15 mm (W), 208.9 mm (L)
Dimensions (unassembled)
50 mm (H), 100.15 mm (W), 208.9 mm (L)
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