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DNAiTECH Generation 2

About the second generation DNAiTECH

The DNAiTECH Gen-2 is a lightweight, portable instrument that integrates with your smartphone, designed for performing isothermal amplification in any setting - from the lab to the field to remote primary care locations for point-of-care analysis. It is also an ideal educational tool for students studying molecular biology.

Compared to the first generation, the DNAiTECH Gen-2 has been optimized and improved to offer a wider temperature range of 37 to 70 °C, making it possible to carry out all isothermal amplification methods within the device. With nine individually illuminated 0.2 mL PCR tube wells, you can test a range of conditions or samples between 10 and 100 μL in a single run. The device is also equipped with a filter for fluorescent dyes that have an excitation wavelength in the blue spectrum (470 nm) and emission in the green spectra, allowing real-time detection through the integrated smartphone app.

The DNAiTECH is controlled via Bluetooth on an Android smartphone, with data displayed in real time on a dedicated app. This app also allows you to export and assess data easily.

Designed for both bench and field use, the DNAiTECH boasts a small footprint (weighing only 600 grams), low power requirements, and a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery that allows multiple runs on a single charge. Additionally, the device can be powered or recharged with mains power using the supplied 15-volt charger or with the 12-volt vehicle adapter in the field.

The DNAiTECH offers highly sensitive and rapid real-time quantitative nucleic acid analysis, making it the most cost-effective isothermal instrument on the market. Whether you're a researcher, healthcare provider, or agricultural specialist, the DNAiTECH is an essential tool for your work.

Cat. No:

Second generation DNAiTECH instrument complete with mains AC/DC power supply,12-volt car adapter, android smartphone with DNAiTECH app, and reaction tube loading device.

Technical specifications:

Detection Method
470 nm excitation, detection of >500 nm using green filter
Temperature control range
37-70°C ±0.1°C
Sample number
9 individual PCR tubes
Sample volume
10-100 µl
600 g
Environmental temperature
Battery type
Battery capacity
28.86 Wh
External power supply
15 VDC or vehicle 12 V adapter
Dimensions (assembled)
103.5 mm (H), 100.15 mm (W), 208.9 mm (L)
Dimensions (unassembled)
50 mm (H), 100.15 mm (W), 208.9 mm (L)
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