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DNAiTECH Ltd. About us

About us

Waitangi Treaty Grounds, North Island 

Dr Murray Broom

Founder and CEO

Murray has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, he is a molecular biologist and was previously involved in a research program to identify the gene locus for Batten Disease, he also led YAC (yeast artificial chromosomes) cloning program for the New Zealand Sheep Map program and the US Department of Agriculture’ pig and cattle genomics programs. Murray is a co-founder of Izon Science Ltd.

Tatiana Ceban, Founder Dnaitech Ltd.

Tatiana Ceban


Tatiana has a MA in Psychology, she is a counsellor, therapist, coach, and professional supervisor. As a former teacher, school principal, and university lecturer, she is very enthusiastic about bringing innovative technologies into the classrooms and under-resourced countries. Her contribution is a web design, marketing, building curriculum, professional supervision, and lots of encouragement.

Dr Calum Morris, Research and Development Scientist, DNAiTECH Ltd

Dr Calum Morris

Calum is a PhD graduate from Otago University with expertise in molecular and synthetic biology. His PhD program involved research into the mechanisms of a protein called QseM and the quorum-sensing protein TraR, both of which are involved in the regulation of DNA transfer. As a biochemist and microbiologist, Calum brings crucial skills to help advance DNAiTECH’s innovative molecular biomedical and agritech diagnostic programs.

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Dr Honey Gupta

Honey recently finished her PhD from University of Canterbury in mechanical engineering specialising on biomaterials. Her PhD thesis focused on developing aerogels for applications in encapsulating and delivering bioactive compounds.  Her specific fields of interest include biomaterials and functional polymers. With an undergraduate background in electrical engineering and post graduate expertise in biomaterials, Honey brings much needed skills into DNAiTECH’s point-of-care diagnostics program.

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