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DNAiTECH allows for DNA testing outside the fully equipped molecular biology laboratory. In-field DNA testing is the most demanding application. To achieve fully functional in-field capability requires relinquishing dependence on traditional laboratory infrastructure.

Quality nucleic acid purification is important for successful DNA amplification. Simple processes that do not require centrifuges, spin columns etc must be used. DNAiTECH magnetic bead technology reagent system gives lab free DNA isolation. The magnetic beads protect the DNA from damaging nucleases, a detergent solution helps rupture the cells and strips proteins away from the DNA, the battery powered DNAiTECH is used to heat the sample to 70C, the DNAiTECH magnetic rack enables removal of the magnetic beads prior to the LAMP reaction. The whole process is complete within 12 minutes, it is designed for in-field work, it requires no electricity and no equipment except a pipette and tips, the DNAiTECH instrument and the DNAiTECH magnetic rack.


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