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PLACID: paper-based LAMP-CRISPR Integrated diagnostics

DNAiTECH is pioneering the development of PLACID, a new approach for point-of-care molecular testing that will bring disease detection out of the large hospitals and service laboratories right to primary care where it is needed.

PLACID systems are low cost because they rely on paper-based microfluidics, are robust because they use LAMP amplification, and are highly specific because coupling LAMP with CRISPR eliminates the sporadic issue of LAMP-alone nonspecific amplification.

With PLACID, the CRISPR fluorescence output is visually intense, making positive reactions visible to the naked eye or detectable with a smartphone camera.

PLACID: paper-based LAMP-CRISPR Integrated diagnostics

Our PLACID cartridge and reader technology will be available in 2024 and enable the simultaneous running of multiple cards with multiple target sequences in a small portable, battery-powered device.

Our goal is the delivery of ASSURED diagnostic systems to contribute to the collective effort to drive towards a world where access to disease detection and treatment is understood to be a fundamental human right.


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