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Leeann Kerr has joined us in September, having recently arrived from Northern Ireland. Leeann’s laboratory experience is extensive, she has worked in two of our key interest areas, Agritech and biomedical health laboratories. She has a wealth of experience in diagnostic laboratories using methods such as ELISA, qPCR, rtPCR as well as classical laboratory methods. Leeann has slipped easily into the team, she brings a careful pair of hands for generating quality data. Her background in laboratory best practice and organizational skills has had a great positive impact at DNAiTECH.

We have also welcome Dr Anindita Sen. Aninidita is a Biotech engineer with a PhD in chemistry. Her PhD was on the development of colorimetric sensors for methamphetamine detection, through Victoria University with Professor Justin Hodgekiss co-director of MacDairmid Institute. Anindita has a unique interdisciplinary skill set, brings crucial chemical and physical chemistry skills, complementing our molecular competencies. Anindita has also previously worked as an internal at Creative HQ New Zealand, working on an education co-design program for Vanuatu secondary education. We are very grateful to Callaghan Innovation for providing funding so that Aninidita can join our team.

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