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Teachers learning to use DNAiTECH

For two days -15th -16th September 2020 we ran our first DNAiTECH professional learning development program in Christchurch. Teachers attended from schools across Christchurch as well as Rangiora and Culverden.

On day one teachers were running the DNAiTECH after a refresher on molecular biology including a dive into the theory of Looped Mediated DNA amplification.

On day two we extracted microbes from the Heathcote river and tested the samples for Ecoli.

The final afternoon involved a presentation by Brittney Coutts and Morgan Bowen and discussions on the integration of DNAiTECH into NCEA at levels 1,2,3.

Is you are interested to see their presentation, please download the file bellow.

DNAiTech NCEA Options (1)
Download PDF • 1.26MB

It was a great two days from our point of view, a lively group of teachers, keen to try the DNAiTECH technology, fueled by copious quantities of coffee and chocolate and nice lunch breaks at the Raeward Cafe.

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